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Create as many words as you can in Worder! Match the corresponding letters as quickly as possible to rack up the points and win!
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1 Yukinari  
So for once I have time to do the puzzle early in the day and dvesoicr that I am (so far) the lone dissenter. I wasn't crazy about this puzzle. I like a good self-referential puzzle, too, and LACKING SYMMETRY was my favorite entry. I've never heard of pentominoes, though, so once I figured out the theme, it left me cold.I also really don't like STORM IN A TEACUP. OK, it's a British expression (I'd kinda figured that), but this is an American puzzle. It's too close to TEMPEST IN A TEAPOT, and it just sounds wrong. And what, pray tell, are RUN-ONS in at 47A? I had INS there for a long time, and when I changed it, I was very confused. Run-on sentences? Or what?I will say that What a wide receiver or an Oscar broadcast might do is one of my favorite recent clues.

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